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Patch Testserver

Verfasst: 23.04.2013, 12:09
von Malebolgia

Re: Patch Testserver

Verfasst: 03.05.2013, 07:16
von Malebolgia
Community Manager
We’ve just published a custom version of Akilon Wastes, called "Akilon Wastes (2.0.7 Balance v1.0)," in which we’re testing small balance changes to StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Our plan is to first consider these, and then potentially test additional changes. If you're looking for the balance team's thoughts behind each change, check out our recent Call to Action blog. Here’s what we're testing:


Movement speed increased from 3.375 to 4
Acceleration increased from 2 to 3


Research cost decreased from 100/100 to 50/50.

Spore Crawler
Damage increased from 15 +15 vs. biological to 15 +30 vs. biological

Thank you for your continued feedback and support. We kindly ask that you take your time to play plenty of games on the balance test map before offering your thoughts on the changes above. We’ve already reviewed your previous feedback on the proposed changes, and at this point we’re only looking for actual gameplay feedback so that we can determine whether or not we’ll need another test map.

Thank you!

Re: Patch Testserver

Verfasst: 03.05.2013, 10:56
von Salamitier

Also werden Sporenkolonien jetzt ausschließlich zur Mutaliskenabwehr degradiert?
Wenn sie den Schaden noch etwas erhöhen, dann gleicht er die langsame Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit der Dinger genügend aus, dass ich mit ihnen Overlords jagen kann.